DACA Illegals Arrested During Phoenix Riots

Three of the detainees reportedly DREAMers

Image Credits: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images.

Multiple illegal aliens, including three DACA recipients, were arrested amid violent riots in Phoenix during the weekend, according to reports.

Máxima Guerrero, Johan Montes Cuevas, Roberto Cortes, and Jesus Manuel Orona Prieto were transferred to ICE custody and could now all face deportation, especially if convicted.

Three of the detainees are reportedly DREAMers, including ‘community organizer’ Maxima Guerrero, whose arrest prompted vehement pushback from activist groups who demanded her release, along with the release of all other protesters who were apprehended.

Guerrero was stopped in vehicle near a violent demonstration in downtown Phoenix.

“Those cars were used to fortify and give rocks and water bottles, food to those individuals who were there to commit crime and damage, to do dangerous things to our community,” Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams told ABC15.

Guerrero’s immigration attorney, Ray Maldonado, claims she was “engaging in legal observation at the protest to make sure people’s rights were protected.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting the charges that they’re putting against her,” Maldonado said. “They’re completely false. She didn’t engage in any rioting nor did the vast majority of people that were arrested, and in all of the cases the judge found no probable cause for the charge that was levied against them.”

Maldonado has accused police of racially profiling detainees.

“He [Orona Prieto] wasn’t even at the protest, but what was wrong with him? His skin was brown, and because his skin was brown and he was in the area where a protest was happening, he was pulled over, pulled out of his car and given felony charges,” Maldonado said during a protest outside a Phoenix ICE office.

Some of the suspects arrested in Phoenix are facing Class 5 felony charges, which carry prison sentences of up to 30 months.

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