Dallas Police Stand Down and Let Antifa Attack Reporters

'They saw the situation was out of hand and they didn't step in'

Antifa counter-demonstrators confronted Trump supporters and attacked reporters outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, Thursday, as police ignored the flagrant criminality.

Antifa mobs protesting a Trump rally pursued Jones and blocked his path while attempting to drown him out with leftist chants, as he continued bull-horning in support of President Trump and in defiance of the globalists.

Go to 27:44 for the Antifa confrontation.

Infowars reporter Rob Dew documented the aftermath of the assault, speaking with Alex and his bodyguard about the massive crowd of around 100 people who were shoving and bumping into them and how the police stood down.

Watch the following video starting at 53:20:

“We had Antifa slapping at me, hitting at me, running into the guys, trying to block us,” Alex Jones said, “and the Dallas police stood down.”

A security guard for Jones who previously worked as a law enforcement officer confirmed he saw at least eight Dallas PD officers who “backed away and let Antifa swarm us.”

“They saw the situation was out of hand and they didn’t step in,” Jones’ security guard noted.

“Trump supporters were basically in an organized fashion just standing outside peaceful, and Antifa started chasing us all around the parking lot.”

Jones added, “This is what families who leave Trump rallies have to deal with when trying to walk to their vehicles.”

This type of violence is typical from Antifa demonstrators, as seen at another Trump rally in Minnesota last week, where even Women were assaulted in the streets while trying to go home.

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