Danish Study Finds Masks Provide Little Protection From COVID-19 Infection

Image Credits: SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty.

A study out of Denmark released on Wednesday concluded wearing face coverings may not provide the protection “health experts” have touted.

The large randomized clinical trial found wearing surgical masks failed to halve the risk of being infected with coronavirus.

Even the New York Times had to address the study in an article titled, “A New Study Questions Whether Masks Protect Wearers,” however, the bossy liberal outlet made sure to add, “You Need To Wear Them Anyway.”

This headline is referring to the narrative that wearing a face mask protects others from illness, not the wearer.

Just last week, the CDC updated their guidelines to inform Americans that masks now DO allegedly protect the wearer.

However, the new Danish study counters that claim.

The study was conducted during April and May when 6,024 adults were divided into two groups, one constantly masked and the others were the “control group.”

The researchers concluded, “The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.”

A press release by Copenhagen University Hospital explained, “The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks. The results could indicate a more moderate degree of protection of 15-20%, however, the study could not rule out that face masks do not provide any protection.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is promoting a national mask mandate and wearing masks while inside of your own home.

The state of Pennsylvania is leading the way, mandating its citizens wear masks while in their houses.

How much more will America put up with?

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