Dark Brandon: Biden Struggles To Put on Jacket, Drops Sunglasses On Runway

Biden is mentally disintegrating in real time while the Dems and media push the cringeworthy "Dark Brandon" meme.

Image Credits: screenshot/C-SPAN.

Joe Biden once again revealed his ailing physical/mental health and projected more weakness on Monday departing Marine One in Kentucky.

Biden, which the administration and media has been suddenly calling “Dark Brandon,” was seen struggling trying to put on his suit jacket, which required the help of First Lady Jill Biden.

Soon after Biden dropped his aviator sunglasses on the tarmac.

The puppet president was in Kentucky meeting with flood victims, and blamed the floods on climate change, claiming that the “weather may be beyond our control, but it’s not beyond our control — for now.”

Biden, apparently aware of his deep unpopularity in flyover country, told the flood victims that, “the bad news for you is I’m coming back” to visit soon.

He then bragged about the $740 billion spending package Senate Democrats passed Sunday, but seemed unaware of what exactly was in the bill, saying it would “take care of everything from healthcare to God knows what else.”

During a press conference with Gov. Andy Beshear (D), Biden asked for permission to speak despite the governor reminding Biden that he was the president.

Biden, who had just recovered from COVID – again – had no problem openly coughing into his hand during the event.

Despite all these embarrassing gaffes, Democrats and the media are force-feeding “Dark Brandon” memes in an effort to portray the ailing imposter president as a badass leader.

Biden is mentally disintegrating in real time and the whole world can see it.