Daycare Worker Arrested After Allegedly Hitting, Throwing Child

Suspect reportedly put food on floor for kids to 'eat like dogs'

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

A daycare worker in South Carolina has been arrested after allegedly hitting and throwing a 5-year-old child in an incident captured in surveillance footage.

Tiana McElveen, 24, faces a charge of unlawful conduct towards a child, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Video of the attack surfaced on social media, reportedly showing two young boys involved in a minor skirmish at Care-A-Lot Daycare Center before an adult caretaker intercedes and proceeds to badly abuse one of the children.

“According to an incident report, McElveen was terminated from her position at the facility on Friday after a seperate incident, where it said McElveen became disrespectful to staff after she was confronted about putting food on the floor for children to ‘eat like dogs,'” the Sumter Item reports.

In a statement to News19, Care-a-Lot Daycare owner Paula Durham said, “In support of all the regulations for reporting child abuse and neglect, this daycare took direct steps in removing the employee. With the quick response, the classroom co-caregiver informed me of the inappropriate behavior of the other caregiver.”

“I terminated the employee immediately and consequently not allowed her to reenter the center. In reviewing the classroom monitoring video, it was evident the severity of the situation. Therefore, I followed protocol to notify DSS, OHAN, local law enforcement and parents.”

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