‘Death to Communism!’: Man Attacks Chinese Consulate With Bullwhip, Threatens To Kill Xi Jinping

'We’re not gonna sell out to you anymore!' he shouts

Image Credits: @Imamofpeace/Twitter.

An Australian man was filmed outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney wielding a bullwhip and threatening to kill China’s communist dictator Xi Jinping for unleashing the coronavirus upon the world.

“I wanna put a bullet in your general secretary’s head!” the man shouted as he cracked his whip. “I’m gonna kill that fucking leader of China! I’m gonna kill him!”

“Death to fucking communism! Death to communism!” he yelled. “Fucking commie bastards! Commie fucking bastards!”

“We’re not gonna sell out to you anymore!” he shouted. “Wake up, Australia! No more shit from China! Trying to take over the world, the fuckers!”

Currently, Australia has 5,687 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 35 deaths, and its government has imposed nationwide lockdowns similar to that of the U.S. and Europe.

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