Delusional Liberal Women Flood Twitter With Selfies To “Own” Kellyanne Conway

Pompous leftist "ladies" think they look much better than the 53-year-old Trump admin counselor

A failed Democratic candidate for Florida’s 18th Congressional District name Pam Keith posted a selfie of herself side-by-side White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday in an ad hominem attack that prompted hundreds of liberal women to copycat.

“Can you believe KellyAnne is 53 today? I turned 51 in Nov. And I’m not even wearing a drop of makeup,” the former Florida congressional candidate wrote.

In response to Keith’s tweet, hundreds of vain liberal women responded by posting selfies and their ages in a strange attempt of shaming the blonde Republican.

The women below chose to upload their images in an attempt to demean a fellow woman due to their opposing political beliefs, and the following posts were selected at random, not to attack the users, but to highlight their callousness.