Dem Candidate Cancels Event After Only Two People Show Up – Who Were Asked to Attend!

Former governor of Mass. newest face in crowded race

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Democrat presidential candidate Deval Patrick canceled one of his first campaign events after only two people showed up, according to reports.

As the newest face in a crowded race, Patrick did not qualify to join his competitors at Wednesday’s Democratic primary debate in Atlanta.

Instead, the former governor of Massachusetts and Bain Capital exec scheduled an appearance at Morehouse College, a historically black men’s college, also in Atlanta.

However, when Patrick arrived on campus and learned only two students were waiting to hear him speak, he canceled.

“The campaign is telling us that they had to catch a flight,” event organizer Julian Hemmings told

“Governor Deval Patrick was supposed to have an event at Morehouse College tonight,” CNN reporter Annie Grayer tweeted, along with a photo of a roomful of empty chairs. “An organizer with the college who planned the event told CNN that Patrick canceled the event when he arrived and learned that he would not have an audience. (Note, two people came, not pictured)”

Interestingly, the two students who did eventually turn up reportedly said they were passing by in the hallway when organizers asked them to come in.

“This was the Deval Patrick event at Morehouse College right around the time we were told he was 2 minutes away,” tweeted ABC News campaign reporter Cheyenne Haslett. “It was a very empty room. A few minutes later, after the students notified the campaign that there were only a few students there, he canceled.”

Another Patrick campaign stop days earlier drew just a handful of attendees.

“The, er, crowd for Deval Patrick tonight,” tweeted New York Times reporter Jennifer Medina on Sunday.

Patrick officially launched his campaign on Nov. 14.

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