Dem Lawmakers Fly Transgender Pride Flags Outside Offices

Partial ban on trans military personnel starting soon

Image Credits: Sen. Mazie Hirono / Twitter.

Congressional Democrats are displaying ‘Transgender Equality’ flags outside their offices in protest of the so-called military ‘trans ban’ proposed by the Trump administration.

The National Center for Transgender Awareness announced that the flags had been delivered to every member of Congress as part of ‘Trans Visibility Week.’

“To mark this year’s Trans Visibility Week, we’ve done something UNPRECEDENTED: With the help of community members & volunteers, we delivered trans pride flags to EVERY member of the Congress, from every party, including voting members and non-voting delegates,” the group tweeted. “Our request: Fly them outside your office for Trans Visibility Week.”

Many Democrats have complied, sharing photographs to social media calling the military policy “hateful” and an act of “bigotry.”

House Democrats passed a non-binding resolution opposing the partial ban on transgender military personnel this week. Only five House Republicans joined them.

The Supreme Court has ruled the restrictions can be implemented, however transgender troops will reportedly be allowed to serve if they do so as their biological sex, and other transgender personnel already serving will be grandfathered in.

A Smithsonian poll published in January revealed only 39% of active and retired servicepeople supported transgenders serving in the military.

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