A Democratic Party megadonor has penned a letter calling on party candidates and incumbents to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump, calling him "a clear and present danger to the republic."

Ina copy of the letter first reported on by The New York Times, California billionaire Tom Steyer called President Trump "a clear and present danger to the republic" and urged Democratic Party candidates to "make your position clear" on the concept of impeachment.

"I hope you will make your position clear so that Democratic voters who are under constant attack by this administration, know their elected representatives have the patriotism and political courage to stand up and take action," he wrote.

He cited several far-left talking points to justify impeachment, including Trump's "relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia," allegations Trump has used the presidency to "promote his own business interests" and his supposed "seeming determination to go to war."

"This is not just an issue of Twitter screeds but what it means for a person who has control over our nuclear arsenal."

Steyer, a hedge fund manager who spent nearly $91 million supporting Democratic candidates in the last election cycle, also took a shot at California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who recently announced her intention to eek reelection - much to the chagrin of far-left party activists.

"It is clear for all to see that there is zero reason to believe 'he can be a good president,'" Steyer wrote, referred to a comment made by Feinstein earlier this year that drew sharp condemnation from far-left activists.

Rumored to be considering a primary challenge to Feinstein, Steyer was the single largest liberal donor in the last two election cycles - with climate change being his signature issue.

Despite widespread support for impeachment by globalist billionaire megadonors like Steyer, as well as from the most rabid far-left elements of the Democratic Party, an impeachment resolution sponsored by Texas Representative Al Green has drawn very little support.