Dem NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Says “N**ger Wops” on Radio Show

The left's double standard on full display

Image Credits: Bruce Bennett | Getty.

During a Tuesday morning interview on WAMC radio, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo used a racial slur when describing the treatment of Italians in the past.

While discussing Columbus Day and how it is now being celebrated as Indigenous People’s Day in many cities, Cuomo focused his attention on a recent New York Times op-ed about America’s early Italian immigrants.

Explaining the poor treatment of newly arrived Italians, Cuomo said, “They used an expression that southern Italians were called, I believe they were saying southern Italians, Sicilians — I’m half Sicilian — were called, quote-unquote and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting the Times: ‘n—r wops.’ N-word wops, as a derogatory comment.”

“When I said that ‘wop’ was a derogatory comment, that was when the Times Union told me, ‘no, you should look in Wikipedia, wop really meant a dandy,’” he continued.

“I’m sure that’s what they were saying to me back in Queens, ‘you’re a dandy,’” the governor said laughing. “When they looked at me with scorn and gave me a hand gesture and called me a ‘wop.’”

It was a strange comment and he was simply repeating what the NYT had written, but the hypocrisy is worth noting.

If a Republican politician uttered the words “n**ger wops,” the entire strength of the left-wing establishment would come crashing down on them.

Listen to the interview segment below:

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