Dem. Politician Uses 2021 Video As False Flag To Claim Conservatives Committing ‘Terror’ Attacks On Target Stores

Twitter community notes fact-checked the leftist politician

Image Credits: @BLUEPILLTV / Getty.

Democrat California State Senator Scott Wiener posted a 2021 video to Twitter on Wednesday, claiming it proved the current boycott of Target stores due to its LGBT and satanic products for children is causing conservatives to resort to “terrorism” against the chain.

“Target is removing LGBTQ Pride products because of terrorist behavior like this,” he wrote. “Yes, this is absolutely terrorism & Target should be ashamed for caving in. Just like Anheuser Busch caved in. And people wonder why there’s so much fear in our community.”

However, as the Twitter community notes below Wiener’s post explains, the footage of a man stomping an LGBT sign inside a Target store was posted online in 2021 and has nothing to do with the current hysteria.

It’s also interesting that Wiener, who is a gay man himself, was behind California’s SB145, which allows gay men who have sex with minors to avoid having to register as sex offenders based on a judge’s discretion.

Aside from the state senator’s poor attempt at baiting Twitter users into thinking the right is being violent towards Target, the Associated Press was recently forced into editing an article that repeated a statement from Target claiming that the company’s staff have been threatened.

The outlet also added a baseless claim that there have been “violent confrontations” over huge collections of ‘Pride’ and transgender-themed apparel in stores, including some with Satanist imagery.

Steve Watson has more on that story.

Twitter users relentlessly mocked the Democrat politician in response to his BS tweet.

See the original video of activist Ethan Schmidt destroying a Target Pride set up two years ago:

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