Dem Protests Tribute to Church Massacre to Push Gun Control

Rep. Lieu slams NRA after NRA instructor took down killer

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) walked out in protest of a moment of silence for victims of the Texas church massacre in order to promote gun control legislation, according to statements he posted to social media.

While fellow lawmakers gathered on the House floor to pay their respects to the nearly 50 people killed or injured in the slaughter, Lieu opted to politicize the moment by departing the chamber to recorde a video in the hallway in which he called for a variety of new firearms-related regulations.

“My colleagues, right now, are doing a moment of silence in the House of Representatives chambers,” he said. “I respect their right to do that, and I myself have participated in many of them, but I can’t do this again. I’ve been to too many moments of silences.”

“I will not be silent. What we need is we need action. We need to pass gun safety legislation now.”

“I urge us to pass reasonable gun safety legislation, including a universal background check law – supported by 80% of Americans, a ban on assault rifles, and a ban on bump stocks,” he demanded. “We need to do that. We cannot be silent. We need to act now.”

Interestingly, the most popular comment on the video was written by a user who observed that at least one armed guard can be seen standing behind Lieu.

“Total hypocrite standing there with an armed guard behind you!” wrote Brian Folks. “Glad you get that protection, but not many of us get that luxury.”

Other top comments slam the congressman for skipping the memorial, questioning why he could not participate in the brief tribute before “grandstanding” for his “publicity stunt.”

Lieu tweeted his condolences for the victims, but after fellow leftists mocked his offering of “thoughts and prayers” for the Christian victims, an emboldened Lieu amended his original message to appease his followers.


“I agree my prior tweet could be better,” he responded “So here: I pray for the victims in TX. Also, screw the @NRA & can you help Dems take back the House.”

It has since been discovered that the courageous Texan sharpshooter who managed to critically wound killer Devin Kelley before police arrived was, in fact, a former NRA instructor.

Many believe that humble hero Stephen Willeford’s quick action and fearless confrontation of Kelley likely prevented more lives from being lost on Sunday, as he was likely the only armed man in the vicinity.

In an interview with KHBS, Willeford revealed that his daughter had alerted him to gunshots coming from nearby First Baptist Church, where many of his friends attended regularly, prompting him to retrieve a rifle from his safe and run to the scene.

“I kept hearing the shots, one after another, very rapid shots – just ‘pop pop pop,’ and I knew every one of those shots represented someone, that it was aimed at someone, that they weren’t just random shots,” said Willeford, who was a certified NRA instructor from 2002-2004. “I grabbed a handful of ammunition and started loading my magazine.”

“He saw me and I saw him, and I was standing behind a pickup truck for cover, and we exchanged gunfire.”

“I am no hero,” Willeford continued. “I think my God, my Lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done.”

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