Demented Libtards Assault Journalist, Obstruct Interviews At University Campus

Left-wing troublemakers at Portland State University refuse to respect free speech

Image Credits: James Klug youtube.

Activists Billboard Chris, Peter Boghossian and James Klugg went to the Portland State University campus in Oregon earlier this month to try and converse with some of America’s most liberal college students.

Bringing along a sign reading, “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” the trio found a few individuals capable of engaging in normal conversations while being disrupted by several unhinged leftists.

The men had water thrown on them, were frequently shoved and bumped into, and one of them even had their cell phone taken and thrown into the ground by an angry transgender person.

One of the multiple deranged people in the video ended up being identified by The Post Millennial as Chrissa Mae Kalal, a transgender adjunct professor at Portland State University’s geography department.

Kalal was also the person who threw Billboard Chris’ phone.

These types of violent reactions are seen almost every time a conservative speaker or group decides to spread their message in a heavily liberal area.

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