Democrats: It Would Be Founders’ ‘Worst Nightmare’ If Trump Not Impeached

Image Credits: via Getty Images.

The Democrats’ sideshow impeachment trial is now underway and will continue into Wednesday so long as a majority of Senators agree that Donald Trump can be convicted as a former president.

Early on, Democrats have attempted to argue that Trump should be able to be impeached despite no longer being in office, because if not future presidents could resign in order to avoid punishments.

Rep. Jamie Raskin proclaimed that Trump should be impeached because it would be the ‘founders’ worst nightmare’ to see a ‘January exception’.

Meanwhile, a Rasmussen poll finds that most Americans have little interest in the Democrats’ impeachment sideshow, with only 15% of voters saying they’ll watch the entire thing on TV.

A third of voters said they won’t bother watching any of it, while just under another third said they might watch highlights only.

The poll also found that only 11% consider it ‘very likely’ the Senate will convict Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors,”

A further 36% saying conviction is ‘not likely at all’, while 28 percent think it’s ‘not very likely’ the Senate will convict Trump.