Democrats Operating 51 ‘Fake News’ Websites Pushing Left-Wing Stories in Toss-Up States to Turn Midterms in Their Favor

Shocking investigation finds Democrats pushing certain candidates and liberal political causes with network of fake news websites to influence outcome of midterm elections.

Image Credits: Nipitphon Na Chiangmai / EyeEm via Getty Images.

A liberal political media operation being run out of Washington, D.C., and Florida is pushing left-wing stories in 51 different fake news outlets in order to influence the outcome of the November midterm elections, it is claimed. 

The allegations came in a shocking new investigation from Axios that was published on Thursday. 

The report alleges that in the past 12 months, multiple new ‘news’ website have appeared across the country, all run by a company named Local Report Inc. 

They do report a wide variety of stories – but sprinkled throughout are news items pushing Democrat lawmakers and policies.  

Online records show that the Local Report was founded in Tallahassee, Fla. 

Content is provided for the sites from writers who are employed by another left-wing group, the American Independent. The Independent was founded by David Brock, known for other liberal endeavors such as Fox News watchdog, Media Matters for America. 

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