“Devil Incarnate Trio”: Internet Recoils at Photo of George Soros & Son with House Speaker Pelosi

'The amount of evil in this picture is sickening.'

Image Credits: twitter.com/AlexanderSoros.

A photo of Alexander Soros and his father, globalist billionaire George Soros, posing with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is causing a stir online.

“In Pelosi we trust! Was good seeing @SpeakerPelosi this weekend,” Soros’ son wrote.

The photo, posted Thursday to Twitter by Alex – who’s deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations – was ratio-ed with negative commentary, most of which questioned why two of the world’s richest men were mingling with the most powerful Democrat in US Congress.

Check out some of the hilarious comments below.

Soros, a former Nazi collaborator sometimes referred to as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” has been accused of funding various progressive liberal Democrat causes, including Black Lives Matter and most recently $500,000 to stop the recall effort of Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom.

His Open Society Foundations NGO has also been accused of helping fund migrant caravans that made their way to the US border, and financially aiding mass Muslim migration in Europe.

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