DHS Dumping Illegals in Downtown El Paso

Border facilities, charities overwhelmed as migrants pour into West Texas

Image Credits: PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images.

More than 100 illegal aliens were dropped off in downtown El Paso, Texas, this weekend by federal authorities, according to reports.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents released the migrants at around 5 a.m. on Sunday morning at a bus station in the center of the West Texas border city.

All of the migrants were identified as single adults hailing from countries such as Venezuela, Haiti, and Turkey.

“Many of the migrants quickly found transportation elsewhere, to local hotels or to their destination cities in the U.S. But others were struggling mid-morning, as last-minute travel reservations were expensive or hard to come by,” the El Paso Times reports.

The move indicates processing facilities and local shelters are likely well beyond capacity.

“The City of El Paso and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) have and are continuing to coordinate with local nonprofit organizations, community groups and federal immigration enforcement agencies to address the ongoing concerns related to the release of migrants in El Paso,” the City of El Paso explained in a press release. “Currently, the federal agencies have been releasing single adults—with the majority of them being male—who are arranging their own transportation to their final destinations outside of El Paso.”

“The City and OEM are providing transportation support to the NGO partner locations, bus terminals and the airport, as appropriate. Staff continues to monitor the fluid situation and are prepared to respond accordingly.”

The dump came just hours after more than 1,200 illegal aliens reportedly arrived in El Paso Sector in a single day.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the Texas-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

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