DHS Preps for ‘Out of Control’ Border Rush

ICE ordered to 'prepare for surge' as Biden admin blows borders open

Image Credits: John Moore / Staff / Getty.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered immigration agencies to ‘prepare for a border surge,’ asserting costs are of no concern, according to reports.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is reportedly “scrambling” to secure resources for waves of illegal aliens entering the U.S., including large aircraft and sleeping space in temporary villages in Texas oil fields.

“New Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told ICE that cost is no issue, and to cancel contracts and sign new ones without worry about the price tag,” the Washington Times reports, citing an email from ICE Chief of Staff Timothy Perry.

“We need to prepare for border surges now,” Perry asserted. “We need to begin making changes immediately. We should privilege action over cost considerations; do what is needed, and the department will work on funding afterward.”

DHS chief Mayorkas has reportedly indicated he may redirect previously-allocated border wall funding to the new campaign.

As a former DHS official explained to the Times, “This email says they’re aware it is about to get out of control.”

Whistleblowers and former immigration officials have been warning of a budding border security crisis for months, as Infowars has frequently reported.

Over 3,000 migrants are being apprehended every day, while thousands more are reaching U.S. soil without detection.

Current trends indicate over a million migrants could reach the U.S. border this year – on record.

General Honore is responsible for the illegal gun grab after Hurricane Katrina, and now he’s tasked with going after Trump supporters.

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