Did Tucker Carlson Infer Barack Obama Is Gay?

'By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life,' said Tucker in head-turning statement.

Image Credits: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images.

A comment by Tucker Carlson featured in his new show Thursday appeared to question former President Barack Obama’s purported heterosexuality.

In his second episode of “Tucker on Twitter,” titled, “Hold On to Your Taboos!” the former Fox News host mentioned how prior to his election as president many had picked up on Obama’s bizarre and unsettling personal life.

“By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life. Yet nobody ever asked him about it,” Tucker stated.

“By that point, a leader’s behavior within his own marriage, the core relationship of his life, had been declared irrelevant. It was Barack Obama’s business, not yours,” he continued.

Tucker’s odd remark turned heads, with many assuming he was claiming Obama is gay, or that his wife Michelle is a transgender, as has widely been rumored.

Tucker’s mention of the year 2008 may refer to the public accusations of former sex worker Larry Sinclair, who on June 18, 2008 – just months ahead of the 2008 presidential election – gave a speech at the National Press Club detailing how he and then-Senator Obama bought and smoked cocaine and had sex in 1999.

Tucker’s remarks also dovetail with a subject of contention on Twitter questioning the gender of Obama’s wife Michelle, affectionately referred to as “Big Mike.”

Michelle’s sex was brought into focus when comedian Joan Rivers claimed everyone in Hollywood knew Obama was gay and that Michelle was “a transgender.”

Barring a possible contractual dispute with Fox, it appears the reins have been relinquished and Tucker has now been unleashed to express his unfiltered views and spicy takes – much to the dismay of the liberal establishment.

Watch Tucker’s 2nd episode below:

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