Disaster: Joe Biden Crashes and Burns in First White House Presser of 2022

Admits Putin will probably invade Ukraine, claims 2022 midterms won't be legitimate, refuses to apologize for Afghanistan, blames failures on Republicans, and yells at reporters.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Joe Biden held his first White House press conference of 2022, and it was a complete and total disaster.

Biden kicked off the Wednesday presser by blaming Republicans for his policy failures and insisting he did a great job as president in his first year.

Biden even claimed he “over-performed” as president despite supply chain breakdowns, rampant inflation and energy price hikes.

But things really went off the rails during the Q&A portion of the presser, where he admitted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely invade Ukraine in what he called a “minor incursion.”

But don’t worry, Biden warned that Russia is “gonna pay” if they invade Ukraine.

When asked if he would apologize for his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan last August, Biden refused, saying he’d “make no apologies.”

Later, Biden claimed the 2022 midterm elections won’t be “legitimate” if Republicans don’t help him pass the Democrats election overhaul legislation.

When asked why such a large percentage of the electorate have concerns about his cognitive health, Biden fittingly replied, “I have no idea.”

Biden lost his temper at a reporter who pressed him about his divisive speech last week calling Republicans who oppose him as “domestic enemies.”

It wouldn’t be a proper Biden presser without the puppet president blanking out and rambling intermittently, which he certainly did while struggling to explain why he’s polling so low.

Former President Trump slammed Biden in a subsequent statement calling out his list of pre-approved reporters asking “softball” questions.

“How come Biden picks a reporter off a list, in all cases softball questions, and then reads the answer? I would never have been allowed to get away with that, nor would I have to!” he wrote.

Watch Biden’s full presser:

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