Disturbing: Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Slammed For Creepy Wall Art Appearing to Show Naked Dead Child in Tote

Instagram users pile on Halloween actress over art depicting contorted naked child who is either dead or sleeping stuffed inside tote.

Image Credits: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnabOxKSReU/.

Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis was called out on social media after bizarre wall art depicting a dead child inside a tote was discovered in photos posted from inside her office.

The True Lies actress made the post on her Instagram Sunday, where various platform users questioned her wall decoration.

The painting or photo appears to depict a contorted naked child who is either dead or sleeping stuffed inside a tote.

Commenters in her post immediately honed in on the creepy art piece, with some asking what it was supposed to represent, while others presuming the painting was par for the course for the sick, perverted Hollywood elite.

“I’m I’m curious about the artwork as well. We need answers please,” one user wrote.

“Love it but can we talk about the artwork that looks like a child’s body in a suitcase?” another user asked.

“I want to know you in their right mind would have a picture like the one you have of a naked child trapped in what it looks like a suit case or box and have it hanging son proud in the middle of the office like is art? Since when child abuse became art???” questioned another angry user.

Yet another user compared the picture to artwork belonging to Democrat operative John Podesta’s brother Tony, whose home is adorned with similar disturbing child-oriented art, some of which was created by Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic.

“It seems you took some decor tips from Podesta,” commented conservative singer Jimmy Levy.

Rather than addressing the controversy, the Halloween franchise star appears to have limited comments on her post.

Outrage over the artwork comes as luxury fashion brand Balenciaga just months ago was blasted for releasing ad promos featuring children holding teddy bears in BDSM gear, while displaying a document on a table in one of its images mentioning a child pornography court case.

Stay tuned… this is a developing story!

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