Disturbing Video: Man Suffering Seizure at Vaccine Center Carried Out on Stretcher, Onlookers Ignore

Witnesses see man's serious adverse reaction firsthand -- still decide to get vaccine.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Video appearing to emanate out of Russia shows a line of people waiting to get a Covid vaccine, as a man suffering seizures is carried out of the facility on a stretcher and whisked away.

The footage shows a queue of people, some of whom are wearing face masks, waiting to get inside what looks like a pop-up mobile vaccination clinic.

Next, several paramedics begin wheeling out a man whose leg is convulsing on a stretcher, as nary an onlooker bats an eye.

Many on social media labeled the people in the video “sheep.”

The fact that none of the people waiting in line leave, or get out of line speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the globalists’ fear-based vaccine propaganda campaign.

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