Doctors & Hospitals Will Face MURDER Charges For Actions During Pandemic, Lawyer Claims

"There are cases where we now believe there are healthcare personnel who murdered their patients," says attorney Warner Mendenhall.

Image Credits: Visoot Uthairam/Getty Images.

Some doctors and healthcare systems who imposed extreme measures like vaccine mandates and pushed experimental treatments during the COVID pandemic will be prosecuted for murder, according to attorney Warner Mendenhall.

“There are situations that we have seen [during the COVID crisis] that I believe deserve prosecution for murder,” Mendenhall said Monday on “Good Morning CHD.”

“They are obviously fairly extreme and we have to have very good evidence before a prosecutor will step up. But there are cases where we now believe there are healthcare personnel who murdered their patients,” he continued.

“When we know of those situations, we are trying to get the medical records, get the evidence accumulated, get the recordings…that show that this is murder. So we do have some criminal aspects to this.”

“And just convicting or even bringing charges against some doctors and even hospital systems for murder will shift the chemistry of this and put the fear of God back into the white coats who have led us astray in this process,” he added.

Mendenhall also stressed these upcoming cases will ultimately compel the government to admit that the COVID mRNA injections are not actually vaccines but an experimental gene therapy.

“Throughout this process, one of the things that will become clear is that we’re going to get a court to rule that this is not a vaccine, that it’s a genetic therapy,” he said.

“We’ve got to wipe out this mRNA platform altogether. It is not an appropriate platform and it should never have been named or classified as a vaccine,” he added, noting that one hospital his firm is looking at recorded over 12,000 adverse reactions from the COVID shot.

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