DOD Drops A Covid Bombshell – Exclusive Report

The experimental Covid injections are killing people

Image Credits: infowars.

An AI-powered Dept. of Defense program named “Project Salus,” run in cooperation with the JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center), has analyzed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older.

The data was aggregated from Humetrix, a real-time data and analytics platform that tracks health care outcomes.

The alarming findings show that the vast majority of covid hospitalizations are occurring among fully-vaccinated individuals and that outcomes among the fully vaccinated are growing worse with each passing week.

This appears to fit the pattern of so-called “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement,” where the treatment intervention (mRNA vaccines) is worsening health outcomes and leading to excess hospitalizations and deaths.

This groundbreaking, undeniable and crucial information was presented by Alex Jones and Mike Adams.