‘Does it sieg heil yet?: Leftists Call Ivanka Trump Racist Over Picture of White Dog

Vile liberals attack president's daughter over color of dog's fur

Deranged leftists are calling President Trump’s daughter Ivanka a racist after she posted a picture of her daughter’s new dog.

The picture of the new pup, a Pomeranian-Siberian mix named Winter, was posted to Instagram and Twitter Sunday, where leftists accused Ivanka of selecting the dog due to its white color.

“Meet Winter, Arabella’s birthday dream come true and the newest member of the Kushner family!” Ivanka proclaimed, prompting a deluge of nasty comments.

“Does it sit and sieg heil yet?” screeched one lunatic.

“Winter white…hmm figures, I guess the only color that keeps it out of a cage at the Trump household :-(“ another leftist noted.

“If it was a brown dog, would you put it in a cage?” snarked another Democrat supporter.

“An all white dog. Shocking.”

After a while, the comments became predictable, and the joke went stale.

That’s right — liberal politics in 2019 has descended into calling a person racist for the color of their dog’s fur.

This type of liberal hysteria is yet one more reason why Trump will win again in 2020.