Dominion Voting Systems Patents Reveal Ties To Communist China

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Dominion Voting Systems lists Chinese bank HSBC as their collateral agent in numerous patents, according to publicly listed documents from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The security agreement, filed in Sept. 2019, lists 18 specific patent entities with Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China (HSBC) Canada branch headquartered in Toronto as the assignee.

The patents are all related to the handling of ballots and votes through the counting process, including the ballot imaging processing, terminals, security, keypads, and tabulating programs.

The patents from Dominion, a Canadian-based company, seem to reflect Dominion CEO John Poulos’ testimony in January 2020 that his voting machines rely on many parts manufactured in China.

“We do have components in our products that come from China and don’t know the exact percentage. I can certainly get that to the committee through my staff – happy to work with you on getting the exact number,” Poulos had said.

“For example, LCD components, the actual glass screen on the interface down to the chip component level of capacitors and resistors, several of those components to our knowledge are not even – there’s no option for manufacturing of those in the United States,” Poulos continued.

“We would welcome guidelines and best practices from the committee and from the federal government in terms of this is not a problem that is unique to the industry.”

As noted by CEO Poulos, Communist China does at least have some influence over Dominion and its voting machines despite the media’s insistence that the notion is just a “baseless conspiracy theory.”

The level of involvement by Communist China in U.S. voting systems poses a national security threat at the very least.

Read the Dominion patent below:

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Due to widespread evidence of vulnerabilities including memory card infiltration and security protocol failure, the Controversial Diebold election system that threatened Democracy in the 2000’s wasn’t replaced.