Don Jr. Highlights Rogan-Jones Segment on Big Tech Blacklist of Hunter Biden Laptop Bombshell

Image Credits: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Donald Trump Jr. highlighted a conversation between podcast host Joe Rogan and radio host Alex Jones discussing the social media censorship of reports concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop.

On Wednesday, a Washington Examiner report on Rogan’s podcast with Jones was shared on Twitter by Don Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, in efforts to get attention on the laptop’s incriminating contents.

Rogan’s discussion with Jones revolved around Twitter and Facebook’s blacklisting of a bombshell news report from the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, with the former locking the Post out of its account for days and also suspending people who shared the report.

“The Post, what they printed and put out there, is accurate,” Rogan told Jones and comedian Tim Dillon.

“Well, let’s go further,” Jones says. “They’re denying that it’s a real story, but they don’t ever say the emails are fake. They just say it’s a smear. No. It’s a real laptop. The videos have been released. It’s confirmed.”

Jones pointed out over-the-top Twitter censorship occurred, despite the fact the owner of the computer repair shop in Delaware where Hunter took his laptop for service, in addition to the FBI, have receipts showing Hunter did indeed drop off the computer.

The laptop has generated buzz on conservative media outlets, but left-leaning mainstream media outlets, with no evidence, have labeled the story “Russian disinfo,” despite former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski on Tuesday confirming he met twice with the Bidens to discuss overseas business deals.

“Instead of facing up to it, they just say anyone promoting this, whether it’s the House or Senate committees that we’re linking to it, or the New York Post, or the president’s press secretary, ‘You’re now banned!’ – which again, shows it’s election meddling. It’s gatekeeping to cover this up.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jones addressed Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s assault on free speech after the comedian teamed up with the ADL to promote more online censorship against what he deemed “hate speech.”

“But let me drop a bombshell on you, Joe,” Jones said. “I’ve been a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, until I learned he spoke at the ADL last year and called for my arrest for free speech and he called for Mark Zuckerberg’s arrest.”

“He said arrest people for their free speech and he supports internet censorship. So how does he make his money being this avant-garde, cutting edge, really over the edge comic that does things that could technically be seen as illegal? I support his free speech, and then he says I don’t deserve it. Well, it’s really dangerous.”

Commenting on the slippery slope of censorship Rogan opined, “The best way to counter ‘wrong speech’ is ‘correct speech.’”

“When someone says something that’s wrong, when someone says a conspiracy theory that’s not accurate, the best way to counteract that is to do better speech. To have people say the accurate information and let the truth rise to the top. When you start censoring people, the problem is, it’s a f—ing slippery slope.”

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