Don’t Fall For The Wuhan Trap! Establishment Suddenly Admits Covid ‘Escaped’ From Biolab

Deep State attempting to distract from its involvement in creation of COVID-19

Image Credits: ronniechua / Getty.

The U.S. Energy Department and FBI Director Christopher Wray recently revealed to the public the COVID-19 virus “most likely” came from the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology.

After years of the establishment dismissing allegations the virus somehow escaped or was intentionally released from the lab, the truth is now being admitted.

However, many political commentators and politicians are weary of the government’s unforeseen pivot on the issue.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) noted Chris Wray “made it sound like #Covid was part of a bioweapons program” in his recent statement.

National Post journalist Natalie Winters also noticed Wray’s peculiar wording when he said Covid leaked from the Wuhan facility in a “potential lab incident,” instead of “accident.”

At one point during Wray’s interview with Fox News, he threw China under the bus by claiming, “the Chinese government, it seems to me, has been doing its best to try to thwart and obfuscate the work here.”

However, as Infowars and others have thoroughly covered, the Wuhan lab where the virus was created was a joint venture between the Chinese and U.S. governments.

The CIA, NIH and DARPA all have connections to the BSL4 laboratory.

In addition to the American government, shady characters such as Hunter Biden, Klaus Schwab, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel and others have ties to the controversial lab.

Independent journalist WarClandestine, who was the first to break the Ukraine biolab bombshell, commented on Wray’s remarks on Tuesday.

“No one has attempted to ‘thwart and obfuscate’ the origins of SARS-CoV-2 more than the US government, and it’s not even close. The FBI literally instructed private Tech companies to silence journalists who reported on the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2… Wray is projecting,” he accurately noted.

Commenting on a Twitter post where far-left talk show host Cenk Uygur finally admitted Covid leaked from the Wuhan lab, Clandestine wrote, “Do we think the Big Pharma propagandists just suddenly woke up? No. They are shifting their defense. After 3 years of denial, they are retreating to ‘okay it came from a lab, but it was China’s fault’. They aren’t admitting defeat, it’s the next phase of the cover up.”

The journalist also accused the FBI and mainstream media of diverting attention away from the Deep State’s involvement in the creation of COVID-19.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald highlighted how fascinating it is to witness the media’s position after MSM backed the government’s claims Covid came from a wet market where someone ate a diseased bat.

“They have no way out,” he said of the media. “Fauci told them Covid’s zoonotic origin was proven, and the lab leak theory debunked. They all repeated this for 18 months, and now know it was untrue.”

Greenwald also pointed out the absurdity that the lab leak theory was once deemed “racist” while the media at the time ran with the thesis Covid came from a “filthy, primitive Chinese bat-eating wet markets.”

When it comes to the truth behind who originally created the COVID-19 virus, all signs point to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill as Infowars has reported since October 2020.

The chimeric coronavirus research being done at the U.S. university was then moved to the Wuhan, China lab after the Obama administration halted dangerous gain-of-function research.

Dr. Peter McCullough during an interview this week commented on the American government blaming China for the virus escape while it has been publicly known for years Covid was made by the Deep State.

“There’s no way it didn’t come from the lab in China,” he said. “So, the wet market story was an attempted cover-up that didn’t hold water. Now, all the agencies involved are trying to position themselves, most recently the Department of Energy.”

Dr. McCullough continued, “Turns out the Department of Energy is part of this biopharmaceutical complex. They’re in there with DARP and BARDA, the NIH, HHS, there’s so many other divisions, the intelligence community. They’re all involved with coronavirus and biological threats.”

Larry Johnson of The Gateway Pundit provided an insightful glimpse at the Covid origin situation now that the American government is blaming China.

“Put yourself in the position of Xi Jinping. You know that the virus that started the global pandemic was leaked accidentally from your lab. But you also know that the Americans, including the eminent Dr. Fauci, helped fund the research. Yet only your country is being blamed. Would that give you a case of the red ass? I think so. What the Biden Administration is doing is dangerous and short sighted. Exclusively blaming China is going to strengthen the resolve of China to align itself more closely with Russia and be less cooperative with the United States.”

The people of the world deserve the truth about the Covid virus that wreaked havoc on global economies and health, and allowed the introduction of the deadly experimental mRNA jabs that led to massive profits for Big Pharma and their cronies.

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