Don’t Miss This Epic Alex Jones Rant: “I WILL NOT BREAK!!!”

'God wants me persecuted, God wants you persecuted,' he told the audience.

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In the aftermath of receiving a $1 billion verdict in a Connecticut lawsuit on Wednesday, Alex Jones went into one of his famous rants.

“All they’ve done is make us bigger,” Jones explained. “Do you think if they hadn’t done this the book would be number one right now, with world leaders reading it? No. They screwed up.”

He continued, “They just keep punching me in the face, and I’m just like opening up cans of whoop-ass over and over again because I don’t know how to give up. I’ve never done it.”

“We’re going to the next level ladies and gentlemen… God wants me in the fulcrum. God wants me persecuted, God wants you persecuted for the unborn children they’re murdering. God wants to see manning up right now.”

Top attorneys Robert Barnes and Norm Pattis joined Alex Jones for a live broadcast Wednesday night to further discuss the kangaroo court case.