‘Don’t Tell Mommy What I Told You’: Internet Goes Berserk Over Joe Biden Appearing to Sniff Child

Joe Biden once again caught in a bizarre interaction with a young girl.

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Another creepy video of Joe Biden has the internet buzzing, this time of the 80-year-old whispering to a young child before appearing to audibly sniff her.

The video shows Biden was mingling with a woman holding her child, unaware he was being recorded during the exchange by a friend.

“Lemme whisper you a secret,” Biden says before his face disappears off camera to lean closer to the child followed by three loud “sniffs.”

“Don’t tell mommy what I told you,” Biden adds as he pulls back.

Naturally, many on social media lambasted the puppet president over the bizarre interaction.

The sniffing may likely be dubbed in, but the video still highlights Biden’s creepy behaviors around young children and even adults.