Double-Jabbed Will Be “Unvaxxed” By February – UK Says Boosters Required For Vaccine Passports

Despite the extremely low Omicron numbers in the UK, the government is still using it to push more vaccines.

Image Credits: Chris J Ratcliffe / Stringer / Getty.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced Monday that a third Covid vaccination, or booster shot, will be required to have a valid vaccine passport.

As soon as February, Brits will need a booster in order to access public transit, nightclubs, restaurants, or to attend events such as soccer matches.

Javid also revealed a new international travel Covid pass being implemented for UK citizens aged 12-15.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is encouraging everyone 18-years-old and over to get their booster jabs before the end of the year so their passports are valid come February.

The Omicron variant is being used by the global elite to advance to the next phase of the Great Reset the world is currently being put through.

Boris Johnson and Sajid David are fearmongering over the mild variant in order to further crack down on the basic freedoms of citizens.

However, in an interview with Kay Burley of Sky News on Sunday, Javid was forced to admit that Omicron is not as dangerous as the government would like people to think.

Pressed on how many people have been hospitalized, how many are on ventilators and how many have died from Omicron, Javid told Burley only ten Omicron-positive Brits are in the hospital, he’s not sure if any are on ventilators and that none have died.

Of the ten UK citizens hospitalized with Omicron, they ranged from ages 18 to 85 years old and the majority had received two doses of a Covid vaccination, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

So, despite the extremely low numbers of Omicron in the UK, the government is still using it to push more vaccines.

With the experimental jabs being promoted as the only way out of the neverending pandemic, one would hope they at least do the job they’re advertised to do.

However, studies show over half of the Omicron cases identified in the UK have been in fully vaccinated people.

According to the CDC, 80% of American Omicron cases have been in fully vaccinated people and a third were triple-vaccinated.

The NHS website crashed on Monday following the announcement that boosters will soon be needed for vaccine passports to be up to date as the sheeple rushed to book their jab appointments.

How long before the triple-jabbed are ostracized from society until they get a fourth jab?

Through clinical trial documents, we are able to review some of the new, experimental universal vaccines, and their ingredients, along with the documented risks and adverse events associated with them.