Driver Ran Over 11-Year-Old Girl “Because She Was White” – Police

Child on scooter allegedly targeted in brutal racial attack

Image Credits: Screenshot | Utah County Jail.

An 11-year-old girl is recovering from severe injuries after a man intentionally hit her with his car because she is white, according to police.

Steven Ray Becky, 19, was charged with attempted homicide and DUI with serious bodily injury by authorities in Draper, Utah.

Becky was driving a Volkswagen Jetta in a residential neighborhood when he appeared to “intentionally” swerve to hit the young girl, who was riding an electric scooter, before he careened into a decorative boulder and flipped the vehicle onto its roof.

Becky, who told police he was under the influence of marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, and Xanax at the time, reportedly charged up to the girl and told her, “We all have to die sometime,” before attempting to flee the scene.

Police say Becky acted “non-sympathetic towards the child victim,” eventually telling them he targeted her “because she was white.”

The girl was reportedly taken to hospital with head injuries and a fractured hip.

“This is not what I would describe as someone that had veered into the gal or drifted into the gal,” said Draper Police Chief John Eining. “My description would be that this is somebody that turned into the gal.”

“Mr. Becky is staying in the area with an aunt and uncle. The aunt and uncle have a daughter that is the same age as our victim and they are friends.”

A local reporter who has seen home security footage of the incident describes it as “extremely graphic, disturbing, and hard to watch.”

This latest alleged anti-white attack comes just days after a man was beat up and thrown onto live railroad tracks in Pittsburgh by an assailant who reportedly chose his victim “because he was white.”

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