Drug Cartels Abduct 100 Migrants From Caravan – Officials

Members of migrant caravan disappear in cartel hot zone

Image Credits: Guillermo Arias / AFP / Getty Images.

A group of approximately 100 Central Americans traveling through Mexico in the ‘Migrant Caravan’ have been abducted by drug cartels, according to local officials.

Children were among the missing who did not arrive in Mexico City with the rest of the group, said Arturo Peimbert, the head official for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca.

According to Peimbert, operators of large fruit trucks were offering cheap rides to migrants on their way through the state of Puebla, and despite warnings not to accept, some did and were subsequently locked inside and whisked away.

In an interview with HuffPost Mexico, Peimbert called the region in which the abduction took place, “the largest grave in the country, where hundreds of people have disappeared.”

“The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico has received testimonies that several of these people escaped from the city of Puebla, and the testimonies they have shared with me are that many were handed over to organized crime near the city,” he said.

Peimbert asserts many of the abductees have been turned over to Los Zetas cartel, which the US government considers one of “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and dangerous cartels operating in Mexico,” and which a top Mexican security analyst has called the “most violent in the history of organized crime in Mexico.”

Los Zetas are infamous for kidnapping migrants in order to extract ransoms from their families, and also have a history of mass executions and rapes.

A 2018 Congressional report on ‘Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Organizations’ in Mexico estimates that since 2006, “roughly 150,000 of total homicides were organized crime-related killings.”

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