Dubious YouGov Poll Says Vast Majority of Brits Support COVID Restrictions

Reality begs to differ.

Image Credits: Mike Kemp via Getty Images.

Another dubious YouGov poll has found that the vast majority of Brits support the reintroduction of COVID restrictions such as mask mandates, despite little evidence of that being practiced in the real world.

With lockdown fetishists attempting to pressure the government into reversing so-called “freedom day,” when mask mandates and other restrictions were lifted, a new survey was released claiming that the idea had widespread support from the British public.

According to the poll, 81 per cent support mandatory masks on public transport, while 76 per cent support the same rule in shops. 67 per cent want mandatory social distancing in pubs and restaurants.

“More nonsense, no ones doing any of this NOW,” pointed out Adam Brooks. “I suggest these are either manipulated polls or are just people who do not go out.”

Indeed, a previous poll by YouGov claimed only 60% were still wearing face masks in public.

That figure is also likely inflated by those who want to give the ‘responsible’ answer, no matter whether they actually wear masks or not.

In reality, anyone who lives in major cities like London (as I do) can tell you that even with the sustained fearmongering of the media, a small minority are wearing masks outside while inside shops the figure is roughly 50 per cent. Inside pubs, it’s barely 10 per cent.

Social distancing inside pubs is also virtually non-existent at this point.

As Maajid Nawaz points out, YouGov poll results about COVID-19 have long been held in suspicion given that its founder is former UK vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi MP.

The firm’s major shareholder is Blackrock, a transnational investment firm which The New Republic wrote “was having a very good pandemic” by casting “itself as socially responsible.”

Last year, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said that Americans should wear face masks if they wished to see an economic recovery.

Others questioned the reliability of the poll given its small sample size and the firm’s refusal to detail its participant selection criteria.

“Percentage of people who believe Yougov polls: 0%,” joked another respondent.

As with most such polls, the respondents are always heavily skewed towards older people with home phones who are more likely to support lockdown measures.

As we previously highlighted, the hysteria being peddled by the media and health technocrats to coerce the public into supporting the reintroduction of COVID restrictions deliberately omits the fact that the recent ‘spike’ in COVID cases was driven by the mass testing of schoolchildren.

Over the last week, cases have already begun to drop as the fearmongering alarmists are proven wrong yet again.



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