‘Dystopian Hellscape’: People Take Food From Grocery Store Dumpsters During Texas Winter Storm

'We had over 250 people fighting in the dumpsters because someone posted 'Free Food!'' reports Travis County constable.

Image Credits: Instagram.

Video out of Austin, Texas, shows desperate people climbing into supermarket dumpsters to retrieve food that may have been discarded due to a widespread power outage.

The shocking footage Thursday from behind an H-E-B grocery store in Southeast Austin featured people having a free-for-all from dumpsters, in what one commenter on Instagram described as a “dystopian hellscape.”

According to a Travis County constable, people may have descended on the trashed food items due to a viral social media post showing hundreds of refrigerated and frozen items being tossed out by the store.

“This is not free food!” Constable George Morales, III, wrote in a Facebook post. “We had over 250 people fighting in the dumpsters because someone posted ‘Free Food!’”

“The food is rotten and spoiled, and is unsafe to eat,” he added.

The large amount of people who attempted to get “free food” evidently caused traffic blockages on the roads around the store.

“Our Pct4 deputies and APD responded to roads that were grid locked because of this false post,” wrote Constable Morales. “The area was cleared by our office.”

“If you know someone that got food, let them know it is not safe,” he added.

One social media post highlighted by the Constable showed two massive dumpsters, as well as several shopping carts filled to the brim with food.

The nightmarish nabbing of discarded food comes as Texas and other states weathered a brutal winter storm, with frozen limbs and downed power lines leaving over 150,000 Austin residents left without power.

The incident provides a glimpse into what can happen if people aren’t prepared in the event of a power failure or food shortage.

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