Image for Fed Policies Setting Economy Up for Disaster

Fed Policies Setting Economy Up for Disaster

Expert compares central bankers to medieval doctors bleeding their patients

5 hours ago By Schiff Gold

Image for Why Does The Federal Reserve Keep Slamming The Panic Button Over And Over If Everything Is Okay?

Why Does The Federal Reserve Keep Slamming The Panic Button Over And Over If Everything Is Okay?

The pace at which things are deteriorating is beginning to accelerate

19 mins ago By Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse

Houses Are So Unaffordable, Young People Are Now Living in Sewer Pipes

Living the dream.

16 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Greenspan Expects the US to Embrace Negative Interest Rates. Here’s Why That Would be “Catastrophic.”

Central banks’ economic models predict deeper negative rates are necessary in the event that a significant recession materializes. This would be a disaster.

16 hours ago By

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Sep 18, 2019

Peter Schiff: Fed Won’t Be Able to Rescue Economy Next Time Around

Monetary policy will tank dollar, lead to inflationary recession

Sep 17, 2019

Peter Schiff: Riskiest Thing You Can Do is Buy Bonds

How long can the bond bubble continue to inflate?

Sep 17, 2019

Sep 17, 2019

6 Of The Last 8 U.S. Recessions Were Preceded By Oil Price Spikes – Damage To Saudi Oil Industry Could Take “Months” To Repair

When the price of oil rises dramatically, that tends to be really bad for the U.S. economy

Sep 16, 2019

Strike Against GM Comes as Union Leaders Face Corruption Investigation

Justice Department Investigating UAW's leadership involving over $1 million

Sep 16, 2019

More Money Pumping Won’t Make Us Richer

Neither loose monetary policy, nor big-spending fiscal policy cannot grow an economy

Sep 16, 2019

Sep 15, 2019

Big Short’s Steve Eisman: “I Have My Doubts” The Fed Can Stave Off A Global Recession

"There's not a question that we're in a global industrial slowdown."

Sep 13, 2019

Risk of Strike at GM Just Hit a 12 Year High at Worst Possible Time

Auto industry in midst of worldwide recession

Sep 13, 2019

Pod People

Modern rent serfs who will never own a home.

Sep 13, 2019

De-Dollarization: Europe Joins the Party

Faith in the US dollar is weakening, and many are trying to help the process along

Sep 12, 2019

Unsound Money, Unsound Economy

Central bankers like Alan Greenspan seem to think central bankers can be trusted to act with restraint, but that's a fallacy

Sep 12, 2019

Corporations Piling Up Debt at Record Pace

Central banks fueling borrowing spree

Sep 12, 2019

Sep 11, 2019

Sep 11, 2019

60 Percent Of Americans Believe A Recession Is Coming – But Consumers Continue To Pile Up Debt At A Frightening Pace

In life, all decisions have consequences, and we are going to pay an extraordinarily high price for our exceedingly foolish decisions

Sep 10, 2019

Why a Prominent Economist Abandoned His Support for Carbon Taxes

Activists who genuinely believe the world faces catastrophe should give serious consideration to David Henderson’s reasons for thinking a carbon tax might be a false “solution."

Sep 10, 2019

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Insists There Won’t Be A Recession When All The Evidence Suggests Otherwise

It’s happening again.  Just like last time around, the head of the Federal Reserve is telling us that there won’t be a recession even though all of the evidence suggests otherwise

Sep 09, 2019

Sep 07, 2019

Black unemployment rate hits record low

Black unemployment fell to 5.5%, which is the lowest rate recorded since the Labor Department started tracking the number in the 1970s

Sep 06, 2019

The High Price of a “Free Lunch”

Printing money isn't really any less costly than taxation

Sep 06, 2019

Sep 06, 2019

Researchers Blame Marriage Rate Decline On A “Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men”

Could it be possible that all of the romantic ideals that we fill our heads with as young people are not actually based in reality?

Sep 05, 2019

Greenspan: Rising Gold Price Shows Investors Want Hard Assets That Will Increase in Value

Former Federal Reserve Chairman says aging population plans to live longer than originally expected

Sep 05, 2019

Revealed: The US Government Is Blowing Billions Of Dollars On Pointless Crap

Taxpayer money is subsidizing frog mating studies in Panama, Pakistani 'woke' films, and a 'Green New Deal' in Peru

Sep 04, 2019

How GDP Measures Help Create The Illusion That Money-Pumping Grows The Economy

Real GDP does not measure the real strength of an economy, but reflects monetary turnover. Thus, the more money is pumped, the stronger the economy appears to be.

Sep 04, 2019

Why is the “Cost of Living” in Cities so High?

More than half of the people in the world currently live in urban areas or cities, in spite of it being more expensive to do so. Why?

Sep 04, 2019

Peter Schiff: US Has Weakest Manufacturing Economy in 10 Years

Says next recession going to be one of the worst we’ve seen

Sep 03, 2019

Fed Buys $14 Billion in US Bonds in Two Weeks

Treasury needs all the help it can get financing the massive government deficits

Sep 03, 2019

28 Signs Of Economic Doom As The Pivotal Month Of September Begins

Most people are not preparing for a major economic crisis, and that makes us extremely vulnerable

Sep 02, 2019

How Slave Owners Pushed Marxist “Wage Slavery” and Exploitation Theories

Defenders of slavery so vehemently opposed free labor, they claimed the "wage slavery" system was even worse than slave labor

Sep 02, 2019

Reinsurers Face Insolvency Risk As Analysts Fear Dorian’s Insured Losses Could Top $40 Billion

Mandatory evacuation orders are expected to be issued in several counties in Florida, as well as the Carolinas

Aug 29, 2019