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Oct 02, 2020

Companies Announce Tens of Thousands of Layoffs

Government lockdowns causing long-term economic damage

Oct 01, 2020

Peter Schiff Warns of Fourth Quarter Fireworks

Economist breaks down how election will impact market

Oct 01, 2020

Dems, GOP Agree to Include Check Payments in Next COVID Relief Bill – Mnuchin

Batch of direct payments would be similar to last round, Treasury Secretary says

Sep 30, 2020

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge

Cold weather predicted to trigger next wave of economic fallout

Sep 29, 2020

Yale Economist Warns of Looming Dollar Collapse

Lists three factors that will ultimately doom the dollar

Sep 29, 2020

US Economist Spars With a Marxist

Peter Schiff slams the abandonment of true capitalism & the rising trends toward socialism, central planning

Sep 28, 2020

If the US Adopts Eurozone Policies, the Jobs Recovery Will Suffer

The best social policy is one that supports job creation and rising wages. Entitlements do not make a society more prosperous, and ultimately drive it to stagnation

Sep 28, 2020

Why “Taxing the Rich” Doesn’t Make Us Better Off

Because the rich generally save and invest more of their income than the less wealthy, they are the primary builders of the pool of available capital. Taxing away their incomes means less capital for everyone

Sep 25, 2020

In August, Money Supply Growth Hit a Record High for the Fifth Month in a Row

During August 2020, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 37.56 percent. That's up from July's rate of 36.92 percent, and up from August 2019's rate of 1.86 percent

Sep 25, 2020

Should Investors Focus on Risk Rather Than Profit?

The stock market does not have a life of its own. In a relatively free economy, success or failure of investment in stocks depends ultimately on the same factors that determine success or failure of any business

Sep 24, 2020

China Pork Reserves at Risk of ‘Running Out In Months’ As Prices Soar

Country's pig herd wiped out by African swine fever

Sep 23, 2020

Airlines Begging to Relax Quarantine Rules

IATA to make its case to UN-mandated International Civil Aviation Organization