Image for Who’s buying homes and what it says about the economy

Who’s buying homes and what it says about the economy

Home ownership still hasn't reached pre-recession levels

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Image for Oil Prices Plunge After Crude Stockpiles Soar

Oil Prices Plunge After Crude Stockpiles Soar

Expert calls crude imports remarkable

6 hours ago By CNBC

Strong U.S. Dollar Continues Strangle-Hold On Gold, Silver

Silver lowest since 2009, according to reports

6 hours ago By Kitco

Exec Calls Out Poor Management, Not Tariffs for Layoffs

Says Trump reversing years of bad trade deals

1 day ago By Washington Examiner

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Aug 14, 2018

Turkey to Boycott US Electronics

Erdogan champions iphone competitor Samsung

Aug 13, 2018

US Economy “Firing on All Cylinders” – Expert

Says China more vulnerable than most think

Aug 13, 2018

White House Mulls Kicking China Out of WTO

Official blasts China for ignoring intellectual property rights

Aug 13, 2018

Bayer Shares Fall 10 Percent After Monsanto’s Roundup Cancer Trial

Chemical giant ordered to pay $289 million in landmark decision

Aug 13, 2018

10 Numbers That Prove That America’s Current Financial Condition Is A Horror Show

America’s long-term “balance sheet numbers” just continue to get progressively worse

Aug 10, 2018

Preserve Our Fisheries by Expanding Private Property Rights

Private property is really about stewardship

Aug 10, 2018

Trump Bringing Former Inmates Back to Work

President looks to all Americans for roaring economy

Aug 10, 2018

Aug 10, 2018

Facebook’s Push For Users’ Bank Records Triggers Fears Of A ‘Chinese-Style Social Credit System’ In U.S.

Allowing these Big Tech companies to amass so much power was a giant mistake

Aug 09, 2018

Trump Admin Makes Major Moves to Export Soybeans to EU

State Department wants to lower tariffs, cut red tape

Aug 09, 2018

China Reverses Oil Tariffs

Realized retaliatory move created greater loss

Aug 09, 2018

Central Banks Eye Blockchain Technology

Take heed to how monetary Tzars incorporate pro-liberty tech

Aug 08, 2018

Aug 08, 2018

US-China Trade Dispute Weighs on Prices

Oil prices drop after China showed a slowdown in demand

Aug 08, 2018

NYC Cracks Down on Ride-Sharing

Legislation to allow minimum pay rate for drivers

Aug 07, 2018

Trump Snubs Amazon, Walmart in Business Leader Dinner

Both leaders lobbied against president's steel, aluminum tariffs

Aug 07, 2018

Amazon Eyes Next Trillion-Dollar Industries to Disrupt

Expert predicts gas stations, travel markets next

Aug 07, 2018

Apple Could Be Used as ‘Bargaining Chip’ In Trade War, China Warns

Apple should share profits with Chinese people, they say

Aug 06, 2018

Aug 03, 2018

Aug 03, 2018

Hispanic unemployment record low

Unemployment for minorities has fallen to historical lows under Trump

Aug 03, 2018

Can Deflation Fix the Damage Done by Inflation?

Central bank manipulations the great evil

Aug 03, 2018

Major Companies in Tight Race for Trillion Dollar Valuation

Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet compete for Apple's milestone

Aug 03, 2018

GREAT AGAIN: Record 155,965,000 Americans Employed

Trump's 11th record-breaker since taking office

Aug 02, 2018

Orders for US-Made Goods Rise for Second Straight Month

Accounts for shipments, inventories, orders from manufacturing sector

Aug 02, 2018

Apple Hits $1 Trillion

Yahoo reporting tech giant has reached milestone

Aug 02, 2018

Trump Admin Rolls Back Obama Fuel Economy Standards

President devastating phony global warming agenda

Aug 01, 2018

Trump Mulls Higher Tariff on Chinese Goods

Maneuver to encourage China to adopt fairer trade policies

Aug 01, 2018

Don’t Confuse Blockchain With Cryptocurrencies

Vehicle for digital currencies demands study

Aug 01, 2018

Apple Shares Hit Record as Bright Forecast Highlights Future Demand

Tech giant within striking distance of trillion dollar valuation

Aug 01, 2018

Aug 01, 2018

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles “Explodes” As The Middle Class Continues To Disappear

Sadly, it isn’t just major urban areas that are seeing more people sleeping in their vehicles. 

Jul 31, 2018

Millennials Dip Into 401k to Buy Home – Study

Numbers much greater than Baby Boomers using same tactic

Jul 31, 2018

Worker Pay Gains Highest in Decade

Wages grow over past year and a half

Jul 31, 2018

The Economic Future: Watch Interest Rates And Oil

Trends expert explains what to look for regarding a healthy economy