Eh? Jamie Lee Curtis Claims Latest Crappy Halloween Re-boot Is About ‘Mob Violence On January 6th’

Makes out that trash slasher movie is high art making a political statement

Image Credits: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who is starring in yet ANOTHER re-boot Halloween film, has claimed that this latest one is some sort of high art statement about “mob violence” at the Capitol on January 6th.

In an interview with filmmaker Eli Roth on the History of Horror podcast, Curtis said that Halloween Kills is about a “mob descending together,” who want “to take matters into their own hands.”

Curtis added “We have just in America watched a mob descend on January 6 with nooses and stun guns and members of Congress in the building, and we all watched it on TV.”


That’s a bit of a stretch, no? Given that the movie was made before the events of January 6th, having been in pre-production in 2019.

Sounds a bit like Curtis is trying to inject some cultural relevance (in a wishy washy leftist way) into what is just a straight up crappy slasher flick.

Maybe just leave it alone and stop ruining John Carpenter’s legacy.


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