Elderly Man Killed After Mask Dispute, Police Shooting

Man's refusal to wear mask in store ends in fatal shooting, reports indicate

Image Credits: Sujata Jana / EyeEm / Getty Images.

A 73-year-old man is dead following a dispute over a face mask and subsequent confrontation with police in Ontario, Canada, according to reports.

Officers were called to a Valu-Mart store in the township of Minden after an altercation involving a man who refused to wear a mask inside, police told local media.

“He was refused service and the assault happened thereafter. So our people became involved with that initial assault investigation and follow-up,” said Sgt. Jason Folz.

The man subsequently left the scene and was followed briefly by police who say they ran his license plates to determine his destination, a home in the Village of Haliburton, some 25 miles from the Valu-Mart.

Shortly after, officers turned up at the home, and a deadly confrontation unfolded.

“Officers attended there, where shots were fired. Additional OPP resources were brought in and ultimately a 73-year-old male was transported to hospital, where he died,” Sgt. Folz explained.

Investigators have determined two officers discharged their firearms during the shooting, but have not confirmed whether the victim was armed.

“I guess he just got angry and didn’t want to [wear a mask]. We couldn’t really deal with that ourselves because it’s really against the rules. So we had to call the police and everything,” Valu-Mart employee Tianna Frances told CBC.

“If we didn’t have to force him and … tell him that he couldn’t come into the store, nothing would have happened, really. He would have got his groceries and went along with his day.”

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