Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $1 Trillion in Climate Reparations to Black Families

Yes, really.

Elizabeth Warren’s “climate justice” plan calls for handing over $1 trillion in environmental reparations to black families.

Because in case you didn’t know – pollution is racist.

The plan, called Fighting For Justice As We Combat The Climate Crisis, asserts that “black families are more likely to live in neighborhoods with higher concentrations of air pollution than white families – even when they have the same or more income.”

The plan doesn’t address why, if they have the same income, the black families don’t just move, but does claim that studies show “whites largely cause air pollution” (surely this is due to demographics alone) and that “Blacks and Latinxs are more likely to breathe it in.”

The plan also claims that black people are hit harder by extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods and even fire.

According to Warren, “environmental racism” is “the result of decades of discrimination” and has “been overlooked for too long.”

To solve the apparent racism of air pollution, Warren is vowing to commit one third of her climate investment fund to “funnel at least $1 trillion into these areas.”

Sounds like a perfectly responsible use of money that won’t be wasted at all.


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