Elon musk finally bans Antifa Twitter account that has arranged assaults and doxxed opponents

Image Credits: Kainoa Little/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

The Twitter account for a Colorado-based Antifa group has been suspended – less than a month after the platform’s new owner Elon Musk promised to purge all accounts that incite violence.

Screenshots taken Saturday evening show that @COSAntiFascists, the Colorado Springs cell of the domestic terror group, has, in fact, been nixed – with reporter Andy Ngo the first to break the news.

Ngo, an editor for The Post Millennial, had been one of many onlookers to express anger last month over the terror group’s continued presence on the social media platform, even after Musk took control of the company in late October.

The Colorado group – which had 15,000 followers-  is one of several far-left profiles scrubbed in the past week, with many seemingly linked to Antifa, which has thousands of cells across the country.

It comes as Musk last month announced he would permanently suspend accounts without warning, if they promote violence and are not labeled as parody.

Musk had one point argued against lifetime bans, but after several celebrity and blue-check verified users changed their accounts to mimic his own, he ordered the policy be revamped.

It also comes amid increased suspicion of cooperation between Twitter and the FBI in scrubbing and ignoring certain accounts – with Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi Saturday sharing documents that exposed the extent of the alleged censorship.

Ngo on Saturday tweeted: ‘Breaking: @COSAntiFascists, the Colorado Springs cell of #Antifa, has been suspended on Twitter,’ sharing screenshots of an alert noting the account had been suspended and some of the group’s more problematic posts.

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