Elon Musk Fires More Complaining Wokester “Geniuses” From Twitter

But welcomes back Ligma & Johnson into the fold!

Image Credits: Twitter Screenshot.

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk has continued to weed out the woke workers by firing at least another 20 staff who were engaged in slagging him off in the social media platform’s internal Slack channels.

The employees were apparently terminated by email from Musk which stated, “We regret to inform you that your employment is terminated immediately,” adding “Your recent behavior has violated company policy.”

Journalist Casey Newton documented the development.

Another of the ex employees sounded off:

Musk responded to the latest development in classic form:

While leftists and haters again charged Musk with not acting the way a ‘free speech absolutionist’ should, others pointed out that in any job if you spend a chunk of your working day slating your boss, and then he finds out, you’re probably gonna get fired.

Musk did change his mind about firing a couple of workers, however, welcoming back the dream team of Ligma and Johnson!

As we highlighted yesterday, in a move that mega-triggered detractors, Musk publicly fired an employee who chose to air dirty laundry on Twitter itself.

Musk has fired not only the woke kingpins that were previously running Twitter, but also more than half the staff who were inhabiting pods and drinking iced matcha latte’s “from the perch”:

All of this has prompted Human Rights Watch to launch a campaign, ridiculously claiming that a “disaster” is underway at Twitter:


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