Emergency Saturday Broadcast: Steve Bannon Discusses The War on Alex Jones & The Fight For The Future

Alex Jones and Bannon break down the Democrats' attempt to silence Infowars and all alternative media, the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago, the upcoming elections, and much more!

Image Credits: screenshot/War Room.

Alex Jones joined Stephen K. Bannon’s “War Room” podcast for a wide-ranging interview breaking down the left’s protracted war against him and Infowars, and the fight ahead for the populist movement against the forces of globalism.

Jones broke down how America as a free nation cannot exist within the New World Order paradigm, which is why Joe Biden is doing his best to destroy it from within.

“We have Biden in there just absolutely doing his job to run America on the rocks because America can’t be there under a corporate fascist world government New World Order,” Jones said. “They need to have America crumble and be a social justice warrior welfare state if other nations are going to be enslaved as well.”

The Infowars founder also explained how his book, “The Great Reset and the War For The World” serves as the blueprint for fighting back against the New World Order system currently consolidating global control.

“If they get their social credit score, their carbon tax, if they get their universal basic income, if they get their world vaccine ID in – which is rolling out in many countries like Italy and Sri Lanka – if they get that, it’s game over,” Jones said.

“So humanity needs to know, we’re right on the cusp of this total complete takeover,” he added.