Endgame: Infowars Team Assembles to Defeat Globalist AI Takeover

Share this amazing art of Infowars crew battling leftist Big Tech monopoly

Alex Jones and the Infowars crew take on the powerful, well-funded leftist censorship machine in the ultimate battle for free speech, in an incredible work of art created by an Infowars listener.

The art depicts Infowars’ Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, Millie Weaver and others as Avengers superheroes battling the all-powerful demon George Soros, cast as super villain Thanos.

“A tribute meme to the INFOWARS team envisioned as the Avengers from the MCU movie ‘The Avengers Endgame’. Battling the evil forces of MSM & Big-Tech censorship led by the Globalist Overlord Thanos!… I mean $oros!!😂” illustrator Mike Sanders wrote on Facebook.

Click the image to see a larger version.

See large version (2000 x 1714, 9.81M)

Also available at DeviantArt.com.

Sanders is the same illustrator who created the design for Infowars’ Trump-Medusa shirt, available at Infowarsstore.com.

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