Epic Footage: 70-Bus Caravan & “Lookout” Drone Filmed at Southern Border

This is what a crisis looks like

Image Credits: Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images.

Shocking video is being filmed at America’s southern border on a daily basis as civilian patriots captured footage of a 70-bus caravan and a “lookout” drone Thursday night.

Infowars has covered the group, United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), multiple times this week after they caught a group of over 300 illegals Tuesday night and another group of more than 90 on Wednesday.

Patriot border patroller Conservative Anthony has captured footage of over 70 buses arriving at the border and a “lookout” drone used by smugglers.

At the 26:45 timestamp in the following video, a drone can be seen monitoring the border to ensure the illegals safe entry into the U.S. as they try to avoid Border Patrol or citizen patrols.

“Lookout” drones are frequently used to assist smugglers who sneak illegal immigrants into the country.

At the 26:30 timestamp, the next video shows what is reported to be a caravan of over 70 buses arriving into Anapra, Mexico in the middle of the night.

Anthony will join The War Room Friday at 4:30 P.M. CST for an exclusive interview where he’ll discuss the latest footage he’s captured and what life is like patrolling the southern border.

United Constitutional Patriots vow to patrol the border until President Trump’s wall is built.