Epic Gamble: Top Comedian Buys His Special Back From Streaming Giant That Wanted To Censor Jokes

Andrew Schulz says he took out his life savings to get the rights to the special back

Image Credits: theandrewschulz.com.

Andrew Schulz, a stand-up comic and co-host of the podcast “Flagrant,” announced last week he’ll be selling his latest comedy special “Infamous” on his website after pulling out his life savings to buy the rights back from a streaming giant that wanted to edit out certain jokes.

Schulz posted a video on social media Friday, telling the story about how a streaming platform was “worried about Twitter backlash” in relation to some of his content.

“Some of you probably know this about me, I’m a very stubborn guy. So, long story short, I took my fucking life savings and I bought my special back,” he said.

While the comedian admitted he’s unsure if the unorthodox special release will be successful, he said he believes the fans want “real, authentic comedy” over some “watered down corporate boardroom bullshit.”

One of the specific jokes that worried the unnamed streaming platform was about abortion, where Schulz jested women who get abortions would pay for their sins in the afterlife.

In response to an article on his purchasing the special back from the streamer, Schulz said they were upset with other jokes in the set as well.

“Infamous” will be released on July 17 and is available for pre-order now at theandrewschulz.com.

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