Epic! Small Town Texans Chase Off Democrat Beto O’Rourke As Kid Rock Blasts In The Background

Dozens of Texans showed up to oppose the radical Democrat agenda of open borders and rifle bans

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Citizens of the little Texas town of Rockdale hassled Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke all the way out of their local theater following his rally.

Video posted online shows Beto and his entourage exiting the Kay Theater Saturday night, surrounded by rowdy supporters of Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

A Kid Rock song singing “Let’s Go Brandon” blasted in the background as the Beto protesters shouted at the Democrat politician.

The video below is captioned, “A Republican protestor was violently pushing Beto’s security & his campaign staff defended them,” but the footage tells another story.

The “Republican protester” can be seen with her hands raised and clapping in the air before she is shoved by a woman and a security guard.

After being shoved out of the door by the male security guard, the allegedly Republican woman gave him a push and smacked the phone out of the hands of the lady who originally pushed her.

The Texas gubernatorial race is already heating up!