ESPN Host Mocks Player’s Horrific Knee Injury After He Refused to Kneel For Anthem

Posted poll asking if Christian baller's season-ending injury was "funny"

Image Credits: Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images.

An ESPN radio host came under fire after posting a Twitter poll seemingly mocking NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who suffered a gruesome knee injury after refusing to kneel during the National Anthem.

“Is it funny that the guy who refused to kneel immediately blew out his knee?” sportswriter Dan Le Batard asked his followers in a since-deleted post from his radio show’s official Twitter account.

Isaac’s season is likely over after tearing his ACL during a contest on Sunday night, his second serious knee injury of the interrupted 2020 NBA season.

Isaac recently became the first NBA player not to protest the National Anthem, also rejecting the league’s pre-approved jersey slogans promoting Black Lives Matter and other Marxist talking points.

Isaac reaffirmed his position on Monday, tweeting, “IT IS WELL!!! 2 Kings 4! Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns I’m encouraged. Remember our God is not just a God of the hills but a God of the valleys! (2 Corinthians ch 4 vs 9!) MY COMEBACK WILL BE GREATER THAN MY SETBACK!!!! I STILL STAND IN JESUS NAME!!!!”

Le Batard has since apologized for the tweet, claiming he did not find Isaac’s injury to be funny, despite reportedly discussing the topic multiple times during his show.

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