EU Takes Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic to Court to Force Migrant Resettlement

Brussels opening conquering Visegrad nations with Islamists

Image Credits: Anadolu Agency / Getty.

The European Union has announced they are suing Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic over so-called ‘refugee resettlement quotas,’ hoping to force the Visegrad nations to accept Islamization and destabilization of their societies.

In a press release, the European Commission detailed their decision.

“The European Commission has today decided to refer the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for non-compliance with their legal obligations on relocation,” Brussels says. “Despite the confirmation by the Court of Justice of the EU of the validity of the relocation scheme in its ruling from the 6 September, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland remain in breach of their legal obligations. The replies received were again found not satisfactory and three countries have given no indication that they will contribute to the implementation of the relocation decision.”

“The Council Decisions require Member States to pledge available places for relocation every three months to ensure a swift and orderly relocation procedure. Whereas all other Member States have relocated and pledged in the past months, Hungary has not taken any action at all since the relocation scheme started, Poland has not relocated anyone and not pledged since December 2015. The Czech Republic has not relocated anyone since August 2016 and not made any new pledges for over a year.”

All three countries have responded to the Commission, indicating that they are prepared for the legal battle to come and will safeguard the interests of their citizens from the demands of globalists.

“Poland is ready to defend its position in the Court,” Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski told the Polish Press Agency. “No one will lift the duty of providing public safety from the Polish government.”

Polish Foreign Minister, Witold Waszczykowski, echoed these sentiments, adding, “Our position is clear – we disagree with the policy put forward by the EU two years ago.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó offered a scathing rebuke, highlight the existential threat that waves of Third World and Islamic migrants pose to European civilization.

“Hungary is in a major dispute with the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs with relation to illegal immigration, which is a key determining issue from the perspective of the continent’s future,” he said. “The government rejects illegal immigration and mandatory settlement quotas, and will continue to fight for the interests and security of the Hungarian people.”

“Hungary has an interest in a strong European Union, and this requires debates on the future of Europe to by conducted within the boundaries of rationality.”

The Czech Republic’s newly appointed prime minister, Andrej Babiš, offered a strong response, cautioning Brussels that they risk imploding the EU with their authoritarian tactics.

“We have a different view on this matter,” Babiš said. “We do not have the same asylum policy as other EU member states. Our public feels strongly about who should be allowed to settle in the country and if the EC fails to respect this, then I fear that it will only boost those forces who want to see the EU fall apart and that would be a pity.”

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