EU Terrified as Boris Johnson Could Shake Up Brussels ‘By Handing Farage a Cabinet Role’

Leading candidate for UK PM could bring Farage aboard

Image Credits: Jack Taylor/Getty Images.

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson could pledge to bring Nigel Farage into his cabinet in a shock move to deliver Brexit and recover from the EU election humiliation.

Boris Johnson could appoint Nigel Farage to a position in his cabinet, if the Brexiteer Tory was to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Peter Summers/Getty Images

The shock revelation comes after the Conservatives suffered their worst electoral defeat in the party’s political history. Andrew Rosindell, a top Tory MP and ally of Boris Johnson, made the shock suggestion during an interview on Sky News.

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The influence of Brexit is showing as populist candidates gain power across the EU.